Over 15 years ago we initiated our non-profit, The Worldwide Peace Bell Foundation journey. We began with three Promenades for Peace across and along the Hudson River. Our Vision 2020 of 100 Peace Poles in the Hudson Valley was interrupted by the Covid Pandemic but with 62 Peace Poles and now our 5th Grade Essay Contest the pressing need for peace with the war in Ukraine, the savage treatment of girls and women, racism and income inequality the need for Peace and Loving-Kindness is more necessary than ever to say nothing of climate change and the extinction of many species and even humanity. These outward peace awareness symbols are now being matched with a student inner peace discovery project, a Peace Essay, Literacy Contests. These contests, dedicated to a Catholic boy and seven times, best-selling author of his “Heart Songs” bks., Mattie Stepanek, was a friend of President Jimmy Carter, who gave the eulogy at his funeral, dying at 13. “What is Peace and how can I be a Peace Maker/Ambassador within my Family, School, Community, Country and the World?”, is the title of these personal discovery essays which are targeted to upper elementary and middle school students Today there are millions of people and thousands of NGO organizations working on this crucial global initiative “World Peace”. It is imperative that everyone gets on board and finds their “deep purpose” to help make this happen!

2500 + years ago the Essences in the Dead Sea Scrolls spoke of Peace as the Key to wisdom and understanding. Jesus Christ truly augmented this concept with his divine life of forgiveness, love and total sacrifice. Today the Abbot at the Monastery in Tibet spoke of Peace as the source of all things; in the presence of peace, all things are possible; love, compassion, and forgiveness. We believe “Peace”, both without and within, is something to take seriously, notice, ponder and act on it as the sacred human beings we truly all are!

RC Ketchum HS Peace Pole

Once again this was one of the best Peace Pole dedication we have had and certainly the biggest…Location and landscaping perfect, All the Student groups were awesome and our hats off to Todd Bowen and the Rotary Interact Group for their wonderful cooperation and splendid bell ringing!
Our highest human vibrations are Peace, Joy and Love. In keeping with public interfaith wishes let us keep striving for “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all”

Peace…Rotary…Read More…of many ways Rotary Promote Peace

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Brinkerhoff Peace Pole Dedication

Brinckerhoff peace pole dedication