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Fishkill Plains Elementary in Hopewell Jct

3 winners and 3 honorable mentions

What Does Peace Mean to Me?
Colton Greier
Peace can mean a lot of things, and really the definition depends on the person. To others peace could mean quiet, relaxing and happiness, but to me peace is Humility, Love, and Caring. These traits are important to peace because if we act with kindness, love, and caring instead of hate then this world will be a better place with peace instead of anger.

Humility is important to peace because if instead of people bragging and being like look what I did, and we instead recognize what others do, people will feel better about themselves. If we are more humble and tell others how much they are appreciated this world will be more happy. For example my hockey teammate was feeling bad after a game and instead of telling everyone about how I scored I told him how much he did that game and how he helped us win that game and after that he felt better. See how focusing on others instead of ourselves helps make them feel better. If we do little things like that more often, we can make the world a better place.

Love is important to peace because we should love this earth and everybody in it. If we acted with more love, there would be no room for hate and anger. For example, when your friends or family are upset and you help them they usually feel better. Imagine we treated everyone with that same love, no one would feel lonely, no one would feel left out, and everybody would feel included. Even if just a few people started spreading kindness, soon everyone will be spreading kindness because kindness is contagious.

Caring is important to peace because we should care for everyone and everything. We should care more about our environment, we should care more about others and less about ourselves. That does not mean “I care about my family” you should care about your family and people around you. Caring is not always becoming best friends or playing together sometimes it is that but other times it’s just going up to someone and introducing yourself. For example, think about kindergarten, most kids in kindergarten will go up to their classmates, introduce themselves and become friends. Imagine we did that more often now as older kids or even adults, it could make somebody feel just a little bit better or you could become friends.
That is what peace means to me and peace probably means different things to others, but I think if we were humble, kind, and caring this world would be a more peaceful, happier place. If we do little things every day and be a little more humble, a little more kind, a little more caring we can make a big change in today’s world.

Nate O
What peace means to me. Peace is one of those concepts that people have different opinions on. What peace means to me is when people respect each other, when people are kind, and when people have self-control. In my everyday life, peace is not something that I have in my top five things to call my day. On June 24th me, my siblings and my parents will go to Puerto Rico to see my grandparents. I haven’t seen them in three years. This is where I feel at peace. For some people peace is in the top three spots maybe, for some people some people have never truly experienced peace. It’s true. Some people go on a wavy line for their peace. Huh, sounds like a lot to me. Some things I do to feel at peace are listening to music, sitting on my porch and heck, watching stranger things. Also hanging out with my friends and feeling safe. One quote that I love is “Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, only light can do that.” My version is, “Violence cannot drive out Violence, only Peace can do that.”

Amelia Boshart 6/12/23
Peace means being calm, safe, and protected from the dangerous parts of our world and life. It means to be laughing from time to time with friends and family. It means to feel naturally happy with no stress or pressure weighing you down from who you are. You believe in yourself and how you look. You feel safe from past troubles or people who didn’t deserve to meet you. Peace is as little as knowing you said sorry and meant it and were forgiven. Or just even when your cat, dog or any of your pets fall asleep next to you or on your lap or getting along with your siblings. Being active or hard-working, enjoying the beauty of nature, and how you can help yourself by helping others. It means being in harmony no matter how different someone might be. It can be you knowing that you spent your life to its fullest when it ends, or that someone else that you know and loved did. Peace is free, only the naked eye can see peace. Like the gentle blue ocean, or listening to the birds chirp outside on a sunny day. Peace is something silly like fart noises, funny TikTok videos are goofy faces. Peace is having no homework and finishing this essay on time. Peace is playing lacrosse and winning! Peace is Black Friday sales at the mall and buy one get two free. Peace is sleeping after a hard day’s work. Peace can be anything you want it to be.

My Definition of Peace
Jiuliana DeLuca 6/12/23

Peace to me is being free from violence. Peace is also knowing my family loves me peace. I can also know peace is when I can count on my heart to know my brother and I are safe. That relief when I know I completed all my tasks puts a pep in my step. I know peace comes when I respect others even if I’m not the best of friends with them. Peace is when I help others when they need it. Peace is me and my brother being in the sandy water. Peace can also come to me when my best friends are by my side picking me up when I fall. Peace to me is also knowing I am a healthy strong girl. Peace is performing in front of people, making them smile. Peace can also be waking up and going to sleep, knowing that I’m safe and to go out into the world and explore. Peace is that glorious feeling when the wind blows through my hair after I win. Lastly, peace is me being happy with who I am and feeling confident in myself.

Grady Barton 6/13/2023
To me peace means many things but these are the main things that peace means to me. Peace to me is having someone that is willing to help you when you are going through a tough time. Peace to me means a world without fighting and war. Peace to me is everyone being grateful for even small things because some other people might need it. Peace to me is not judging people based on race, gender also known as “never judge a book by its cover”. Peace to me is not being annoyed and having alone time in my room by myself. Peace to me is having good friends that won’t tell everyone what I tell them. Peace to me is going to Maine and riding the boat, fishing, and going to beaches with my family. Peace to me is being comfortable with the people I am with and around. Peace to me is swimming in the rain. Peace to me is finding where I should be in life (finding my part in life). These are my ways of defining peace.

Brunella 6/12/23
I sit in my room, pitch black, the lights all out. I wonder to myself what is the true meaning behind the word peace. It’s not just being calm, it’s way more than that, it has a deeper meaning. Wow I just noticed peace sometimes means to sit in a dark room pitch black listening to the last soul down thinking about life and the future and eating tacos in the middle of the night with my phone on “do not disturb” so no one texts me or my brother bothers me. Sitting in a dark room staring at the blue midnight sky makes me feel so peaceful. I really get into my zone. I just really get into my mindset and focus on my music, nothing else. I pretend that there’s nothing to worry about in the world, no bad grades, no tests, nothing. I leave all my technology except my music. But mostly peace means nature, beautiful bluebirds. You hear them every morning chirping loudly and proudly. I wake up every morning listening to them singing their little song. I also hear the sound of rivers and lakes. You hear the water sloshing and it repeats over and over again. Peace also means having the people you love around you and close to you but for me that’s kind of hard for my uncle who lives miles away in Florida. Every time I’m near him I feel peace. Peace is also us kids not having to the bulls and not worrying about all those things. But our parents, the ones who have to worry that they might not have enough money tomorrow to buy you those new shoes, but that’s the true meaning behind peace. Just be happy that you have your mom and dad and everyone around you like your friends. That’s the true meaning behind peace. Be happy you have a roof over your head to protect you.

Winners of our Peace Essay Contest

Winners of our Peace Essay Contest! At Walden Elementary: Cash prize and a Peace Ambassador T-Shirt

Walden Elementary - 5th Grade Walden, NY 2023

Peace Essay
by Danielle Ravella

I think of peace as freedom from wars, fights and even arguments. Peace is a lot like kindness. A very wise person once said, “Peace begins with a smile.” Mother Teresa. Well, so does kindness and if we can spread kindness around why can’t we do the same with peace. For example, if you were to describe peace I  wouldn’t think you would talk about wars and fighting you would probably talk about the people who are close to you and the things that you love. For instance, if you were reading you wouldn’t go to a very loud place you would go to a quiet peaceful environment. “If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. It’s one world, pal. We’re all neighbors.” – Frank Sinatra. Take this competition for example. If I lost, I wouldn’t be fighting with the winners or having a temper tantrum, I would keep calm and stay peaceful. I would congratulate the winners and then do something to get the contest off my mind. The same thing if I won the contest. I wouldn’t brag about it or make the other contestants feel bad, I would simply say… “Thank you” and be on my way. I would stay peaceful and not show off about winning. I also think that a person shouldn’t just talk about peace, they should believe in it and work at it to make the world a better place.

The Generation of Peace
Kyla Bruckner

When you think of peace you may think of kindness, happiness and loving people. In reality it is so much more than that! Peace means being free from judgement or meanness because of your gender, religion, race, immigration status or features. Or giving back to the Earth by volunteering or anything like that to keep peace on Earth.

Help promote peace!

You probably think talking about peace to your friends is cringy or weird but if your friends actually listen to you and try to do something to help, it will make an impact on the earth!  Ways to help impact the world with peace is to attend peace rallies, be kind to anyone and everyone, don’t engage in violent things and don’t promote violence, donate to charity, and encourage animal and human rights.

A perfect world full of peace in my eyes is a healthy environment with kind and happy people and healthy animals, but we would never get to have that unless everyone puts in a little bit to encourage peace!  You don’t even have to do big things. Little things like recycling are being kind makes a big impact on the world! I know we can all promote peace if we put our minds to it!

Creating a peaceful environment…

A lot of people have suffered from bullying or cyber bullying or being threatened which is a very sad but realistic thing going on in our world, and while there are programs and other things trying to prevent it, it is still happening and we can’t do anything to help unless we try to create a peaceful environment. Not just for ourselves, for our children, nieces and nephews’ grandchildren, any friends or anyone you care about. This shows that peace is more important than you might have thought to begin with because this is for our future and our children’s futures. Peace is the greatest option. 

Wrap up!

In conclusion, I think peace is the best thing this world could have and peace is what it needs and we need your help to make it a reality.

Peace by Taina Miller

Peace is a state of harmony between peoples or groups.

Peace is very important for everyone. Is important to people because if we didn’t have peace, we most likely would have I lots of fights, wars, poverty, and we wouldn’t have a good life, or good friendships with people.

We didn’t always have peace. Sometimes we didn’t have peace was when World War One and World War II took place. Before the wars people had many differences and some people tried to maintain peace. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, and war broke out causing lots of damage and loss of life.

Some other ways to promote peace are: education, attend peace rallies, donate to charities that work to resolve conflicts peacefully, and speak out against violence. Even with doing all those things peace is still hard to obtain, but it’s worth fighting for so we can all live in peace. When we work together anything is possible.

I would like to end my essay with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, who knew a thing or two about being peaceful in the face of violence. “Peace will not come out of a clash of arms but out of justice lived and done by unarmed nations in the face of all odds.” Mahatma Gandhi

World Peace Through a Child’s Eye: Striving for Peace. Is it Possible?
by Arya Sundaran

Peace is something money can’t afford or buy.  It is something us humans yearn for. But it is something that we would collaborate for, strive for, or even die for? Would we really put our own lives to stake just for peace? Is World Peace even possible? (Especially in today’s society?) Think about it. Can we really unquestionably and underline ably unite All religions, cultures, and races to eventually accomplish what many politicians refer to as, “World Peace”? Good morning trusted adults and fellow peers of WES. Today I, Arya Sundaran shall be telling you of the origin of the mutual harmony between two or more parties of people. Or more commonly known as World Peace. In a moment, the origin of World Peace…

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

There’s a very famous quote by Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi. But this quote refers to: you can never make the world peaceful by hatred, it only leads to more hatred from both parties which causes destruction to the entire world. But Gandhi did more than just this well-known quote. He was a peacemaker. When the British ruled India Gandhi followed non-violence and gained freedom for India. His protesting had begun in 1914 when he joined the fight against the British to lead his country into independence. As said before, he had done this by using his classic methods of nonviolent protest known as satyagraha. Furthermore, Gandhi continuously encouraged Indians to immediately stop purchasing British goods, steer clear of paying taxes to the British government, and to eventually take their part in the peaceful protests and nonviolent marches. Mahatma Gandhi had gained his title of “Mahatma” by the simplicity of his life and using peace as the only weapon to gain freedom.

While Gandhi has been one of our peacemakers, there lived another. His name was Michael Jackson. He was one of America’s most talented pop singers and entertainers. One of his most popular songs was “We Are the World”. Along with himself being portioned into a few of the lyrics, he and Lionel Richie had gained the contribution of several other popular singers. When this was done, the song was duplicated on tape for each invited performer. So, when the lyrics were created, they conveyed peace throughout the world through the mouths of our own people. As years and years passed, the song motivated World Peace to begin in the world. Although we struggle with boosting the level of World Peace in our society, this song encourages us to become a united and civilized world. It even empowers every single meaning of peace to be taken seriously in many different ways. Afterall, peace can come in many different forms like us.

In conclusion, World Peace has many means and people behind itself. World Peace is our gateway to heaven. Thank you Mr. STUROMSKI and the “Peace Bell Foundation” for offering this contest to students at WES, Walden Elementary School.