Our Mission Statement


At the Peace Bell Foundation everything we do, founders, staff, volunteers and members, we believe challenges the status quo in peaceful ways of compassion and love, knowing we are all ONE. We believe in thinking differently, in true human optimization and the way we challenge the status quo is by helping people to think about their true essence, their ability to resonate with each other at our highest human frequencies and to ring true to that essence. By communicating about harmony and love, in harmony and love, we believe that individuals and the groups and organizations they are part of, will recognize and understand that collaboration and mutual respect are the keys to peace and unity. We welcome you to join and collaborate with “US’.

Moving from current news to new news we can already see this in the infancy of the Internet. As we become more and more one in collaboration, we begin to resonate in understanding and connect in ways of speed that we have never done before. In just a few short years with this awesome, quantum speed of change through human creativity and complexity we will hardly recognize what used to have been. The children of today are natives to these global connections of smart phones, instant messaging, video games and cameras and TV’s in your pocket.. These innovations are now becoming part of our cars, appliances and the way we now live (although billions on the planet are just catching up with these special tools) Just envision and imagine what the next generation might experience and where this might take us technologically in a few more short years and decades. This is why understanding our essence, our higher frequency of life, our divine nature, is so crucial and important.

This awareness of our true ABUNDANCE will serve as the context in which to live, by understanding our blessings through Peace/Love/Laughter/Joy and Service to others!