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Here is a list of different foundries where bells have been produced:
o    Bellingham Bell Company Ship Bells – Rockport, Maine 
o    Blagovest Bells – Russia   
o    Bolee – Orléans, France  
o    Campanas Quintana – Northern Spain  
o    Gillett & Johnston – England  
o    Grassmayr – Innsbruck, Austria  
o    Kruszewski Brothers Bell Foundry – Wegrów Poland 
o    McShane – Glen Burnie, Maryland 
o    Meeks, Watson & Co. – Georgetown, Ohio  
o    Paccard Bell Foundry – Annecy-le-Vieux, France 
o    Petit & Fristen – Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
o    Pyatkov & Co. – Minsk, Belarus  
o    Royal Eijsbouts – Asten, Netherlands.  
o    Taylors Eayre & Smith Ltd. – England  
o    Vera LLC – Russia  
o    Verdin Bell Company – Cincinnati, Ohio 
o    Whitechapel – England

o    Hisey Bells – Greenfield, Ohio  
o    MALMARK – Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania 
o    Petit & Fristen – Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands  
o    Schulmerich Bells – Sellersville, Pennsylvania  
o    Whitechapel – England 

o    American Bell Association International   
o    American Guild of English Handbell Ringers   
o    American Guild of Town Criers  
o    Around the World
o    Association Campanaire Wallonne (ACW) – Wallonia, Belgium  
o    Bevan Craddock, Town Crier – Staffordshire, England  
o    British Carillon Society (BCS) 
o    Carillon Society of Australia (CSA) 
o    Deutsche Glockenspiel Vereinigung (DGV) 
o    Ecole Occitane de Carillon 
o    Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (GCNA) 
o    Guilde des Carillonneurs de France (GCF)  
o    Guilde des Carillonneurs et Campanologues Suisses  
o    Hand Bell Ringers of Great Britian 
o    Handbell Musicians of America
o    Lithuanian Carillonist Guild (LCG)  
o    Nederlandse Klokkenspel Vereniging (NKV)  
o    Nordisk Selskab for Campanologi og Klokkespil (NSCK) 
o    Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers
o    Peter Moore, Town Crier 
o    Polskie Stowarzyszenie Carillonowe (PSC)  
o    The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers – England 
o    The North American Guild of Change Ringers  
o    The Ringing World Journal – England 
o    Vlaamse Beiaard Vereniging (VBV) – Flanders, Belgium  
o    World Carillon Federation

o    Rotary International   
o    Rotary Action Group for Peace 
o    Rotary Peace
o    WorldWide Peace Bell Foundation 
o    Amnesty International (Global) 
o    Center for Nonviolent Communication   
o    CivWorld (Interdependence Day) 
o    Fellowship of Reconciliation  
o    Global Village Foundation –  New York
o    Global Walk
o    IFCO/Pastors for Peace –  New York
o    International Day Of Peace 
o    Just a Minute of Peace 
o    Peace Center Who We Are    
o    Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation  
o    Karuna Center for Peacebuilding 
o    Nonviolent Peaceforce 
o    Pathways to Peace 
o    Peace Boat 
o    Peace One Day 
o    Peace Village
o    Peace Brigades International 
o    Peace Pilgrim Center 
o    Peace Together  
o    Peaceful Tomorrows 
o    Ray Korona and the Ray Korona Band 
o    SIPAZ
o    The Soul of Europe – England & Bosnia
o    James Twyman – Oregon 
o    Thomas Merton Center – Pennsylvania  
o    Veterans for Peace – Missouri 
o    World Peace Prayer Society – New York  
o    Witness for Peace – Washington, D.C. 
o    Theshiftnetwork 
o    Ten Million clicks for peace 
o    Humanities Team  
o    Peace Alliance
o    Holistic Peace Institute 
o   Gaiafield Project
o    Kids for Peace
o    Peace Jam  
o    Earth Society Foundation  
o    Nurture the Children on Facebook
o    Native Children’s Survival Foundation  
o    Peace Angel Project 

o    American Teilhard Association 
o    Amma
o    Anima 
o    Anthroposophical Society in America 
o    Baha’is of the U.S. 
o    Baus 
o    Chuang Yen Monastery 
o    Coalition for One Voice 
o    Daniel Odier 
o    East Mountain Retreat Center
o    Faith In Place
o    Genesis Spiritual Life Center 
o    Abbey of Regina Laudis  
o    Forum 18 
o    InnerSight Radio Program 
o    Interfaith Spiritual Community 
o    Ilona Anne Hress