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» A brief Cliff Notes summary of Peace Poles of the Peace Bell Foundation and Rotary District 7210.

Peace Poles are Peace Awareness Symbols, and we have planted over 60 of them in the Hudson Valley.

Vision 2020’s goal is planting 100 + Peace Poles, making the Hudson Valley the World’s First Peace Valley!

These Peace Poles are 6 x 6 pressure-treated poles ten feet tall with two feet planted in the ground.

The Poles contain eight phrases of “Let Peace Prevail on Earth” in as many languages.

There are over 100 + available languages of “Let Peace Prevail on Earth”.

Each Peace Pole is routed, sanded and then stained with a light clear varnish

Each Peace Pole can also contain special plaques of the primary players/donors of your pole.

Plant – display your pole in a prominent place to achieve high, daily visibility and awareness.

After the poles are planted we can and have provided a special dedication ceremony.

During the dedication ceremony forty-five international flags are planted around the area and a page of the “40 Attributes of Peace” along with several thought provoking peace quotes are given to all.

Students and friends will receive a highest human vibrations card and then participate in ringing tuned hand-bells and singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth”.

Students can also team up by introducing each language with a talk or recite a poem about a specific country/region about that language and another student can translate the brief talk/poem into English.

School superintendents, mayors, county supervisors, local clergy, teachers and parent should be invited to attend this ceremony (we are all asked to be peace makers). Please make this an annual event.

Today there are well over 200,000 Peace Poles planted on our planet of various shape, sizes, configurations and material.

Cost of Peace Poles: Pole + Copper Top + eight language and logo plaques = $250 – $375
Half of that is usually paid by the local Rotary Club and each pole comes with a special QR coded sticker.

Thank you for your consideration in planting a Peace Pole at this crucial moment in human history.

We look forward to helping you make this happen at your, school, library, town and community.

  • We will help make this happen in whatever way is needed

Some examples of Peace Poles in the area.

As we move from:
The Love of Power to the Power of LOVE!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!!